This blog is empty.
It will be filled eventually.
In the meantime, you can have a look at the sci-fi feuilleton that I am publishing here (in Italian), or my outreach posts (warning: fairly expert level) here. Another stint at creativity is here. My serious website (no blog, no frills, no thrills) is here.

In case you are wondering why I chose Nikolai Vavilov as pseudonym, please google his name (together with Lysenko) and read the story of a hero of Science that would deserve to be more broadly known. He lost his status, then his freedom, and eventually his life, because he did not want to compromise scientific truth with political convenience.

“This is a complex matter. It is not to be solved by decree of even the Commissariat of Agriculture. We shall go to the pyre, we shall burn, but we shall not retreat from our convictions. I tell you, in all frankness, that I believe and insist on what I think is right, and not only believe – because taking things on faith in science is nonsense – but also say what I know on the basis of wide experience. This is a fact, and to retreat from it simply because some occupying high posts desire it, is impossible.”


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